100 Unique And Stylish New Boys Names For 2023-24

 New Boys Names 2023-24

Choosing your baby's name is an important decision. Yes there is a name that they will live with for the rest of their lives, so it is important to choose a name that you like and has a good meaning.

If you are looking for names for a boy born in 2023-24, you have come to the right place. Here are more than 100 unique and stylish names that can be perfect for your kids.

Whether this is the case, we considered the following factors:

Meaning of name. We wanted Aisi to only have names that had a good meaning.
Pronunciation of name. We wanted Aisi to have only names that were easy to pronounce.
Name length. We wanted this to contain only names that were too long or too short.
Sound of name. We wanted it to contain only such names which sound good and give a pleasant feeling by taking them.
Name popularity. We wanted names that were unique, but we also didn't want them to be so unique that they would be made fun of

  • Unique variations of traditional names:

Ayansh (Ayan): Unique form of Ansh, which means "part".
Ridhyan: A unique form of Riddhi, which means "prosperity".
Veeran:  A unique form of Veer, meaning "brave".
Aditya: A unique form of Aditya, meaning "Sun".
Arv: A unique form of Arjuna, meaning "white tree"
Advait:  A unique name which means "without second".
Bhavya:  A beautiful name which means "future".
Veeraj:  A strong name which means "King of Brave".
Kshitij:  An inspiring name meaning "horizon".
Anant: A unique name which means "Infinite".

  • Modern Baby Boy Name:
Yuvan: A modern name meaning "youth".
Rehan: A charming name which means "happiness".
Kian: A stylish name meaning "king".
Vir: A short but strong name meaning "Brave".
Ayaan: A beautiful name which means "God's Blessings".

Names inspired by Sanskrit words:
Anantam: Extended form of Anant.
Veeryavan: Expanded form of semen.
Dhruv: Synonym for pole star.
Aniruddha: Name meaning without hindrance.

Unique Meaningful Name Baby Boy 

Abhimanyu: A brave warrior from the Mahabharata epic.
Arjun: Another valorous hero from the Mahabharata, known for his archery skills.
Yudhishthira: The righteous king in the Mahabharata.
Karna: A tragic hero from the Mahabharata, known for his generosity and loyalty.
Vikramaditya: A legendary emperor known for his wisdom and justice.

Nature-inspired names:

Aran: Meaning "forest."
Vayu:  Meaning "wind."
Tejas: Meaning "fire" or "brilliance."
Vriksha: Meaning "tree."
Samudra: Meaning "ocean."

Modern names with traditional roots:

Ivaan: A stylish variation of "Yuvraj," meaning "prince."
Rehaan: Meaning "compassion" or "mercy."
Kiaan: Meaning "king" or "ruler."
Vihaan: Meaning "dawn" or "morning."
Neil: Meaning "champion" or "blue."

  • Sanskrit-inspired names:

Daksh: Meaning "skillful" or "competent."
Mihir: Meaning "sun."
Shaurya: Meaning "bravery" or "valor."
Yuvan: Meaning "young" or "youthful."
Dhruv: Meaning "fixed" or "steadfast."

Unique names with positive meanings:

Aarnay:  Meaning "ocean" or "boundless."
Nirvaan: Meaning "liberation" or "enlightenment."
Ishan: Meaning "powerful" or "lord of the northeast."
Vivaan: Meaning "full of life" or "energetic."
Yuvanraj: Meaning "young prince."\

Boys Names 2023-24

Aaditya (sun)
Aakash (sky)
Aaryan  (noble)
Agastya  (sage)
Aman (peace)
Anirudh (unobstructed)
Ansh (part)
Bhavesh (lord of the universe)
Charan (lotus feet)
Chintan  (thought)
Devansh (part of god)
Dhruv  (steadfast)
Harsh (joy)
Hiranya (gold)
Ishaan (powerful)
Jay (victory)
Jayesh  (lord of victory)
Jeev (life)
Kabir  (great)
:Karan  (reason)
Kartik  (god of war)
Lakshya (goal)
Madhav  (honey)
Manav (human)
Mayank (moon)
Nishant (end of the night)
Nitish (fair)
Parth(son of prithvi)
Piyush (nectar)
Prashant (peaceful)
Raghav  (descendant of raghu)
Eajan  (king)
Samar (war)
Samarth (capable)
Sarthak (meaningful)
Satya (truth)
Saurabh (fragrance)
Shaurya  (bravery)
Shivam (auspicious)
Shreyas  (well-being)
Shreyansh  (prosperous)
Siddhant  (principle)
Sidharth (goal achieved)
Singh (lion)
Soham (i am he)
Somesh (lord of the moon)
Sukh (happiness)
Suraj (sun)
Surya (sun)
Tarun** (young)
Tej (brilliance)
Vihaan  (dawn)
Vijay  (victory)
Vikas  (growth)
Vivek  (discrimination)
Vivek  (discrimination)
Yash (fame)
Yashasvi (successful)
Yuvan (young)




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