121+ Baby Boy Names Hindu (2023) A to Z With Meaning

 What is the best name for a baby boy Indian?


Every Indian parent has a heart desire that their boy's name should be modern, unique, coolest and smartest. The kind of quality he has, he keeps the same name thinking of it.

For this, they keep looking for such a modern hindu baby boy names a to z that they can find a lovely name for their remaining boy. Many parents also live in the same thinking that what is the best modern hindu baby boy name a to z. We are suggesting some unique baby boys hindu names in this article along with their meanings.

Baby Boy Name Hindu 2023 A to Z With Meaning

Aadi - Beginning or first

Aarav - Peaceful or calm

Aaryan - Noble or warrior


Bhavya - Grand or magnificent

Brijesh - Lord of Brij region

Bhanu - Sun or fame


Chaitanya - Consciousness or life

Chirag - Lamp or light

Chiranjeev - Immortal or long-lived


Daksh - Skilled or talented

Darshan - Vision or perception

Devansh - Part of the divine or godly

Divit - Immortal or divine

Dev - God or divine

Dhruv - Firm or immovable

Dheeraj - Patience or tolerance

Divyansh - Divine part or divine appearance

Daksh - Skilled or talented


Eshaan - Dawn or sun

Eshan - Lord Shiva or ruler


Gaurav - Pride or respect

Gautam - Wise or enlightened

Gopal - Lord Krishna or cowherd


Hrithik - Intelligent or king of heart

Harsh - Joy or happiness

Harshit - Delighted or joyful


Ishan - Kord of wealth or north-east direction

Ishaan - Sun or lord Shiva

Ishaq - Laughter or joy


Jayant - Victorious or conqueror

Jatin - One with matted hair or ascetic

Jeevan - Life or existence


Kunal - Lotus or prince


Lakshya - Aim or goal

Luv - Son of Lord Rama

Lokesh - Lord of the world


Mohit - Charming or attractive

Manav - Humanity or man

Manish - Lord of the mind or intellect


Neil - Blue or champion

Nirav - Silent or calm

Nishant - Dawn or end of night


Om - Sacred syllable or divine sound


Parth - Prince or charioteer

Pranav - Sacred syllable OM

Pranay - Love or affection


Rahul - Efficient or capable

Rajat - Silver or brilliance

Rishabh - Moral or superior


Sahil - Shore or bank of river

Samar - War or battle

Samarth - Capable or efficient

Sankalp - Determination or vow

Shaurya - Courage or bravery

Shubham - Auspicious or good fortune


Tarun - Young or youthful

Tejas - Brilliance or radiance

Trilok - Three worlds or universe


Uday - Sunrise or dawn

Ujjwal - Right or shining

Utsav - Festival or celebration


Ved - Sacred knowledge or wisdom

Vihaan - Dawn or morning

Vivaan - Full of life or vital

Prerna Malhan Baby Name

Prerna Malhaan, a famous YouTuber who has a famous following, got her son named Ashar by performing a puja in which her son was named Ashar which means gift given by God. This name is very unique.
Asher- God Gift, blessing, Happiness'

Cute baby boy name with mean

Advait - Unique or one of a kind

Arjun - Bright or shining

Ayush - long life or duration of life

Dhruv - Firm or immovable

Eshaan - Dawn or sun

Gaurav - Pride or respect

Harsh - Joy or happiness

Ishan - Lord of wealth or north-east direction

Kunal - Lotus or prince

Manav - Humanity or man

Mohit - Charming or attractive

Neil - Blue or champion

Om - Sacred syllable or divine sound

Parth - Prince or charioteer

Pranav - Sacred syllable OM

Rahul - Efficient or capable

Rajat - Silver or brilliance

Rohit - Red or bright

Rudra - Fierce or terrifying

Sagar - Ocean or sea

Samar - War or battle

Varun - God of water or rain

Yuvraj - Prince or heir apparent.

What are the top 10 names?

Aarav - meaning "peaceful" or "calm"

Advait - meaning "unique" or "one-of-a-kind"

Vihaan - meaning "dawn" or "morning"

Reyansh - meaning "ray of light"

Vivaan - meaning "full of life"

Rudra - meaning "roaring" or "violent"

Arnav - meaning "ocean" or "sea"

Shaurya - meaning "bravery" or "courage"

Aryan - meaning "noble" or "warrior"

Krish - meaning "short form of Krishna" or "divine" 3 3 Letter word baby boy names indian

Aar - meaning "wisdom"

Dev - meaning "god"

Jay - meaning "victory"

Raj - meaning "king" or "ruler"

Ray - meaning "beam of light"

Sai - meaning "divine" or "saintly"

Tan - meaning "body" or "self"

Utk - meaning "excellence" or "highest"

Ved - meaning "sacred knowledge"

Yuv - meaning "youthful"

Is Hero a boy name?

The name "Hero" is not a traditional Indian form, and it does not seem appropriate for Indian parents to give their children names that have origins in other cultures or languages. The name "hero" comes from Greek mythology and means "protector".

What is God's highest name?

Indian people have a lot of faith in God. That's why they like to name their children after the name of some god. If someone believes in Lord Krishna a lot, then he would definitely want to name his child Krishna. Here we are giving a list of some God inspired names:

  • Aadi - Inspired by Lord Shiva
  • Akshay - Inspired by Lord Vishnu
  • Arnav - Inspired by Lord Vishnu
  • Aryan - Inspired by Lord Brahma
  • Bhagirath- Inspired by Lord Shiva
  • Chandra - Inspired by Lord Moon
  • Gaurav - Inspired by Lord Ganesha
  • Harsh - Inspired by Lord Krishna
  • Ishan - Inspired by Lord Shiva
  • Kunal - Inspired by Lord Vishnu
  • Laxman -Lord Ram brother name
  • Mohit - Inspired by Lord Krishna
  • Naman - Inspired by Lord Vishnu
  • Om - Inspired by the universal sound of creation
  • Parth - Inspired by Lord Krishna
  • Rishi - Inspired by the wise sages of Hindu mythology
  • Rudra - Inspired by Lord Shiva
  • Sai - Inspired by Sai Baba
  • Samar - Inspired by Lord Vishnu
  • Sankalp - Inspired by the power of intention in Hindu mythology
  • Suraj - Lord Surya
  • Shubh - Inspired by the concept of auspiciousness in Hindu culture
  • Vaibhav - Inspired by the abundance and prosperity of Lord Vishnu
  • Vinayak- Lord Ganesh 
  • Ved - Inspired by the ancient Indian scriptures, the Vedas.

"Here we have suggested some modern hindu baby boy names a to z 2023 with meaning names which are out of the box and liked by everyone as suggested by the name itself. The names of the children have been selected after being inspired by their choice and Indian culture. English and no other language has been included in these names."




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