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What can i put on my baby's dry cheeks home remedies

Baby dry cheeks in winter home remedy


With the onset of winters, all mothers want to be more careful about their baby's cheeks and lips. For its diagnosis, apply mustard oil in the child's navel at home for 3 to 4 days. This remedy is very effective.

In this article, we will tell you some home remedies to prevent chapped cheeks in children. Which I have tried on my child.

My child, who is now 5 years old, complains of chapped cheeks and lips every year as winter approaches. I adopted many home remedies. Here are the solutions that have worked for my kids.

Mustard oil 

Applying mustard oil in the navel of the child cures many types of skin related complaints.

Putting two drops of mustard oil in the baby's navel after bathing the baby is a very beneficial formula to prevent infant chapped lips and cheeks. It doesn't have any kind of side effect.

Applying mustard oil or any other oil in the navel cures many diseases along with the skin. This brings brightness on the faces of the children. Cheeks will always be good.

This recipe is also effective for elders, this recipe is also very good for those whose lips are cracked in winter.

what is correct age of baby lotion

Raw Milk Pest

Applying a paste of raw milk on the cheeks also keeps the skin of children very soft, which will not cause any complaints of chapped lips. You can also use turmeric mixed with milk.

Use it, leave it for half an hour before the child's bath and wash the face with lukewarm water.

Fine paste of gram flour and cream

Make a fine paste by mixing gram flour and cream and apply it on the child's face, the child's cracked cheeks heal quickly. Take fresh cream in a cup and mix 1 spoon of gram flour in it, you can apply it on the face of the child before bathing the child.

Apart from this, you can apply this paste on the face even at night. This will increase the smoothness of the child's face, as well as a layer will be formed on the child's face during the night, which will not allow the child to feel the cold air. And the child's cheek will be less likely to burst.

Almond and coconut

Applying almond and coconut oil is also a very effective recipe. To save the child's cheeks from cracking. There is a lot of smoothness in them. Which will keep the child's cheeks shiny and the complaint of eruption will also go away.

baby's bath

You want to save the child's lips and cheeks from cracking. It is necessary to pay attention to the baby's bath. By taking some precautions, the child's cheeks can be saved from bursting in winter.

bathe the child with lukewarm water

Massage the baby with any oil before taking a bath and only then take a bath

keep baby's face well lubricated

Do not use any soap that has a bad effect on the baby's dry skin. Children's skin remains dry even because of soap. Who has a complaint of chapped lips.

Can I apply Vaseline on the baby's face?

You can absolutely try Vaseline on the baby. Before using Vaseline, check its quality. Vaseline is made from petroleum jelly. The triple pest should be purified. Use Vaseline in such a way that it does not clog the pores of the skin. Use Vaseline only after cleaning the skin completely.

What not to apply on baby's face

  • In the winter season, taking special care of the baby's skin, some precautions should be taken so that the child's cheeks remain soft and shiny.
  • Do not let the baby's face dry for a long time.
  • Do not use any kind of powder on the baby's face
  • Always bathe the baby with lukewarm water
  • In winter, keep the child at home as much as possible and do not let the outside air blow.
  • Do not apply mustard oil on the face of the child.

How do babies get chapped cheeks?

In the winter season, the child's cheeks crack due to cold air. Children's skin is very soft. The dryness that comes from mild cold, which is called bursting of cheeks. Children whose dry skin has less smoothness, such children's cheeks crack more. The colour of the cracked cheek is initially red, then it appears like a black spot.

What does eczema look like on babies cheeks? 

Eczema appears red and brown on the face of children. Reason for eczema The mark that appears on a child's face before the child's cheeks burst due to the moisture in the air in winter is called eczema.


Why are my baby's cheeks dry.

Many mothers have a question in their mind that why are my baby's cheeks dry.

There is a lot of moisture in the air in winter, which when applied on the soft cheeks of the child, the child's cheeks become red. Then there is a complaint of bursting slowly. To prevent this from happening on the cheeks of the children, you should keep the cheeks and face of the children smooth.

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