100 Boy And Girl Names Meaning Favoured By God 2023

Boy Names Meaning Favoured By God

Many parents have a particular place in their hearts for names that suggest being blessed by God, a gift from God, or a representation of grace and blessings.


This post will look at a few names that convey a sense of spirituality and heavenly favour and that evoke this feeling.

In this post we will suggest such names whose meanings are favour to God.

Boy Names Meaning Favoured By God

  • Aiden: Meaning "little fire," symbolizing the divine spark.
  • Jonathan: Translating to "gift of God," representing a precious present.
  • Benjamin: Signifying "son of the right hand," denoting honor.
  • Theodore: Meaning "gift of God," suggesting divine bestowal.
  • Matthew: Translating to "gift of God," symbolizing divine favor.
  • Nathan: Signifying "gift," reflecting God's grace.
  • Samuel: Meaning "heard by God," symbolizing divine responsiveness.
  • Elijah: Translating to "my God is Yahweh," representing a connection with the divine.
  • Josiah: Signifying "the Lord supports" or "God's fire," reflecting divine guidance and support.
  • Zevadiah: Meaning "God's gift," emphasizing a cherished blessing.
  • Joshua: Translating to "Yahweh is salvation," signifying divine deliverance.
  • Ezekiel: Meaning "God strengthens," reflecting divine empowerment.
  • Solomon: Signifying "peace," symbolizing divine harmony.
  • Jeremiah: Translating to "Yahweh will uplift," reflecting divine support.
Hebrew Boy Names That Mean Favour or Grace
Selecting a Hebrew name for your baby boy that carries the meaning of "favour" or "grace" is a special choice.
Hebrew names have a rich cultural and spiritual heritage, and those signifying favour or grace often reflect the belief in divine blessings. Names like Benjamin, Matthew, Nathan, and Theodore not only sound beautiful but also evoke a sense of divine bestowal and honour.

- Jesse: Signifying "gift," this name carries a sense of blessing and favour.

- Matan: A name that means "gift" in Hebrew, symbolizing divine generosity.

- Zevadiah: Meaning "God's gift," it reflects the idea of a cherished blessing.

- Tobiah: Signifying "God is good," this name emphasizes the divine grace and goodness.

Boy Names That Mean Favour or Grace

- Benjamin: A name that translates to "son of the right hand," signifying a position of honour.

- Matthew: Meaning "gift of God," it represents divine favour and blessings.

- Nathan: This name signifies "gift" and reflects the idea of God's grace.

- Theodore: A name that means "gift of God" and represents the idea of divine bestowal.

Baby Boy Names Meaning God Has Answered

Choosing a baby boy name that means "God has answered" is a beautiful way to express gratitude and faith in the divine.

Names like Samuel, Elijah, Zechariah, and Josiah embody the idea that your child is a cherished response to your prayers, reflecting the joy that comes with a precious gift from God.

  • Samuel: A name that translates to "heard by God," signifying divine responsiveness.
  • Elijah: Meaning "my God is Yahweh," it reflects the idea of a relationship with the divine.
  • Zechariah: This name signifies "the Lord has remembered" and reflects divine consideration.
  • Josiah: Signifying "the Lord supports" or "God's fire," it represents divine guidance and support.

  • Asher: Signifying "fortunate," "blessed," or "happy," highlighting the joy brought by a child.
  • Casey: Meaning "watchful" or "vigilant," symbolizing God's protection.
  • Cameron: Signifying "crooked nose" or "bent nose," symbolizing God's unique creation.
  • Jordan: Translating to "to flow down" or "descend," reflecting divine guidance.




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