How to Massage Newborn Baby। Benefits of baby massage

How to Massage Newborn Baby ।Benefits of baby massage


Baby massage is fairly new in the UK but in countries like India it is an important part of a baby's daily routine. In fact, Indian baby massage is much more than that; This is their way of life. This has been a tradition in India for centuries. The baby's cleansing massage is performed after birth and every day. 

When to start oil massage for newborn

When to start massaging your baby so that the baby does not face any kind of skin related problem. Baby's skin is very delicate. Whose massage requires special attention. Many new parents want to know when to start massaging their baby. In this article, we will try to give the most important information related to newborn massage.

Babies physical activity

There is no fixed period for when to start massaging the baby. Before starting the baby's massage, test your child's physical activity, only then start massaging the child. Baby's skin is very soft at the time of birth. A baby's skin starts to harden a little in 15 or 20 days. And the skin of a child starts hardening around 30 days.

For this, it is very important to see that the end of the umbilical cord should have fallen completely. If the baby's umbilical cord is not completely dry and you have started massaging your baby, there is a fear of infection in the baby's umbilical cord. It will be good that the umbilical cord is completely dry and start the massage.

It is good to start massaging the baby only after your baby's skin starts to harden. The skin of a child starts hardening only after massaging. You can start massaging after the baby is 1 month old.

Benefits of baby massage

Massage helps to strengthen bones and muscles. Improves skin texture and digestive effect. The baby sleeps better after the massage which has a relaxing effect. Considering the fact that men and women often draw conclusions to massage even in adult life, start it already. There is an increase in the circulation of blood. It is believed that massage prolongs life.

 Online or offline, you can be sure that there is a reliable and reputable cannabis oil that will not contain any hazardous ingredients. It will be safe for the baby and provide long lasting health and happiness. Among the stylish options is coconut oil which has a cooling effect, will keep your baby cool especially in summers.

  • Develops the immunity power 

Massage develops the immunity power of the child. In addition, the digestive system is strengthened. It is found from a study. The digestive system of those children who did a lot of massage in the initial days, the respiratory system became more strong. Compared to ordinary children. By massaging the baby, the excitatory power is transmitted, creates movement in the whole body. Which increases blood circulation. And the immunity power is increased.

  • Close relationship with parents

Massaging babies creates a deep bond with the child and his/her parents. The child feels the touch of the parent. Such children become fearless and disciplined in future. The child's bond with the parent grows. Which children do not go in different directions and there is a good rapport between the two. 

  • Starting a good routine

Massaging brings discipline in the routine of the child. By massaging the child after bath in the morning. The child's mind remains very happy. When adults feel like after a workout. Similarly, the confidence of the child can also be seen in the smile of the child.

  • Baby massage for weight gain

The weight of a child is less than the normal weight chart. The weight of the child also increases with regular massage. It increases the appetite of the child by massaging it. Which increases the weight of the child.

Some parents are afraid of massaging their child due to low weight. But many parents are advised that massaging increases the weight of the child.

  • Newborn massage for sleep

Good sleep is essential for good health. And especially the lack of sleep of the children proves to be a headache for the parents. Massage is also the best way to make the baby sleep well. Properly massaging the baby helps the baby to sleep deeply.

  • Infant massage for constipation and gas

It is common for a child to complain of constipation. Regular massage will reduce the complaints of constipation in the newborn. The child feels a good appetite and the complaint of gas goes away.

  • Postpartum depression

If you're dealing with postpartum depression, baby massage can be of serious benefit to you as recent research has shown it helps. Research has also shown that children who are held, massaged, carried and shaken develop into adults who are less aggressive and violent and with a lot of compassion and corporation.

  • Develop parental confidence

It is not only the children who benefit from these experiences, it is the parents as well. New mothers develop confidence while handling their baby, it is very therapeutic which means it is a good form of stress release. It raises awareness of your child's growth and development, and fosters loving communication between mother and child that helps parents understand and respond correctly to their child's non-verbal language.

How to massage newborn baby   

Massaging a child is also an art. It's not just about everyone. If you want to benefit the survivors from the massage of the child, then get the massage done according to some guidance. Massage done in a good way is beneficial for children.

By massaging, the child gets a feeling of happiness and joy.

In this happy journey of the child, you can increase it further by getting a good massage.

Get the baby massage done in the living room.

 The baby's room also forms part of a good massage. Unless the baby is massaged in a good environment, 100% baby massage will not be effective.

ensure sleeping position

It is also important to keep the bed on which the child is comfortable sleeping and massaged. The bed should be comfortable.

Massage oil falls on the bed. It should be kept clean.

Olive oil on newborn skin

A good oil massage has a major effect on the baby's skin. Oil massage is very beneficial for children whose skin is dry. Coconut oil as a massage oil. Almond oil can be used. Use only natural baby oil. The quality in children's products should be used only after testing. You can read our previously presented articles on baby products.

Olive oil massage is very beneficial for the baby. Olive oil kills the germs of the baby's skin. Which gets rid of any kind of allergy on the baby's skin.


In this article, when to start giving massage to the baby, what are the benefits of massage. We have responded to such questions. These were our personal experiences that told. Hope our article will prove useful for the new parents.



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